Industry trends
  • The USD 48 billion aquaculture business in Asia Pacific is fast expanding. Beside shrimp and tilapia, the future is also in offshore marine fish farming and ornamentals
  • The global trend is in the production of healthy and quality products at low cost and in a sustainable way. Increased competition means that the industry has to be more efficient.
  • All producers in Asia Pacific have the same challenges: disease, declining prices, tariff and non tariff trade barriers and food safety regulations.
  • Industry has to raise standards to match the needs of the global market and move to a more mature level.

"It is with support and demand of industry for a vehicle for information exchange that we have started AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific at the end of 2004. With this magazine, we will strive to be a catalyst to share information for all stakeholders".
-Editor: Zuridah Merican

Zuridah is the editor and protagonist of AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific magazine. She has more than 20 years experience in aquaculture and 8 years in publishing. She was the editor of Asian Aquaculture and International Aquafeed magazines.

Zuridah is also a consultant in aquaculture and aquafeed and has completed some projects for international companies and FAO. Zuridah has an MSc in Aquaculture from the Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling University, Scotland (1983). She completed her PhD in shrimp nutrition at the National University of Singapore. Prior to this, she was with the Fisheries Department Malaysia for 13 years. She has written several research and technical papers on the industry.

Editorial Coordination

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