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Comprehensive and targeted information

AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific covers current issues, trends, latest technology and market developments. Topics are selected from all facets of the aquaculture sector in the Asia Pacific region.

Issue focus : Recent developments in a particular segment of the industry and with a spotlight on emerging challenges significantly impacting the next phase of growth. Readers look forward to the annual analysis on trends in aqua feed production.

Industry reviews : The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing a particular industry segment together with trends and forecasts. Our forte is the annual report on Asia's shrimp industry

Aqua Business : Industry players and contributors share new knowledge, success stories, advances and innovations for industry benchmarking.

Production Technology : Technical information, upstream and downstream along the value chain affecting the final output.

Feeds and Processing Technology : Contributed articles covering interactions between nutrition and feed formulation, feed ingredients specification and quality and processing technology from a holistic viewpoint.

Marketing : Reporting on market activities, branding and product development to help producers tap into potential markets.

Volume 14, 2018
Number 1-January/ February 2-March/ April 3-May/ June 4-July/ August 5-September/ October 6-November/ December
Issue focus
Trending issues and challenges for the next step
Nursery Technology Health Management Sustainable & Responsible Aquaculture Disease Management Genetics & Genomics Integration and supply chain
Industry review
Developments, outlook, demand & supply
Marine Shrimp Marine Fish Aqua Feed Production Tilapia Monodon shrimp Catfish/General Freshwater
Feeds & Processing Technology
Technical contributions from feed industry
Fish meal Replacements Feed Enzymes Feed Additives Omega 3 oils Extrusion & Processing Functional Feeds Lipids & Minerals Nutrition Feed Safety and Hygiene Functional Feeds
Production Technology
Technical information and ideas
Controlled systems/RAS Finfish Industrialisation Hatchery Technology SPF/SPR/SPT shrimp Post-Harvest Technology Organic Aquaculture
Aqua business
Feature articles
Experiences from industry; entrepeneurship, benchmarking, SOPs, CSR, self-regulation etc
Company/Product News
Feature articles
News from industry including local and regional trade shows
Deadlines Technical articles November 17, 2017 January 19 March 16 May 18 July 13 September 14
Deadlines Advert booking November 24, 2016 January 26 March 23 May 25 July 20 September 21

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Aqua India 2018
Feb 2-3
Chennai, India

Vietnam Aquaculture 2018
March 14-16
Ho Chi Minh City

Victam Asia 2018
March 27-29
Bangkok, Thailand

*Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2018
April 23-26
Taipei, Taiwan

Seafood Global Expo 2018
April 24-26
Brussels, Belgium

Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo & Global Aquaculture Summit
June 1-3

Aqua 2018
August 25-29
Montpellier, France

*TARS 2018 Shrimp Aquaculture
August 15-16

Vietfish 2018
August 22-24
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Expo 2018
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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