Issue (Sept/Oct 2006)
From the Editor : The year 2004 in review. Some clarity but a sad ending
Focus: Self regulation in the white shrimp hatchery business of Thailand:
  • As more and more farmers in Thailand switch to white shrimp culture, the Department of Fisheries (DOF) and the private sector have come together to develop a long term program to ensure the quality of postlarvae. Major players in the hatchery industry and DOF's Dr Siri Tookwinas share their views on this program. By Zuridah Merican

Hatchery: Marine fish hatchery production- the Taiwan model
  • Developing technologies and lower costs of production in the region are threatening Taiwan's lead in this industry. With SWOT analysis, Dr Huei Meei Su looks at reasons for its success, its problems and future strategies.

Larval Feeding : Nucleotides as the only feed for larval shrimp
  • Do nucleotides have a role in the growth and survival of shrimp larvae? J.W. Hertrampf, S.K. Mishra and P.K. Biswal provide some answers.

Markets : Reasons to access the EU seafood market
  • Producers should target the more discerning market in the EU, according to the Australian Seafood Council

New Developments : Iran expands marine shrimp farming
  • A spectacular rise in production since 2000 by Hassan Salehi

Main news
  • Shrimp antidumping tariffs : A sign of relief for Thailand , Vietnam , India but not China

  • Indonesia bans shrimp imports : It said that the move was to protect the local industry.

Show Reports
  • At the 7th Asian Fisheries Forum 2004 : The gathering of regional scientist discussed a broad range of topics from molecular biology of shrimp to growth experiments.

  • ISTA 6 in Manila : Dr Kevin Fitzsimmons reports on the success of ISTA 6 conference on tilapia aquaculture

  • At the Tenth DSM Products Conference : Presentations focused on solutions for the monodon stunted growth syndrome, fish meal quality and replacement of fish meal with plant meals in fish and shrimp diets.

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