Volume 12, Number 1 January/February 2016 MCI (P) 037/10/2015 ISBN 1793 -056
  • From the editor
    Route 2016: highway or country road?

  • More vannamei shrimp from the Philippines in 2016

Shrimp Culture
  • White faeces disease in shrimp
    Poh Yong Thong says little is known of this disease now impacting shrimp farming in Asia

Health Management
  • Reflections on past experiences with shrimp vibriosis
    These are now used to mitigate new diseases

  • Counting the cost of aquatic disease in Asia
    Andy Shinn, Jarunan Pratoomyot, Pikul Jiravanichapisal, Christian Delannoy, Niroj Kijphakapanith, Giuseppe Paladini and Don Griffiths discuss the true cost of each disease outbreak

Fish Culture Technology
  • Increasing yield and mitigating off-flavour problems in tilapia farming
    Using lined ponds with RAS technology and shading. By Warren Andrew Turner, Nathan Atkinson, Michael Kreis and David C. Little

Feed Technology
  • Low inclusions of krill meal spare cholesterol in diets for juvenile shrimp
    Research from Brazil indicates 2% in shrimp diets is enough

  • Re-examining feeds and water quality
    Thomas R. Zeigler and Chris Stock discuss feed efficiency and FCR management

  • Sustainable feed for the future: Insects as fish meal replacement
    Two producers share insights. By Nathan Preteseille

  • Yeast parietal fractions can mitigate AHPND infections in the white shrimp
    Dang Thi Hoang Oanh and Philippe Tacon show the efficacy in AHPND infected shrimp ponds in Soc Trang, Vietnam

  • At the 21st DSM Aquaculture Conference

  • Perspectives in early life nutrition

  • A modern context on n-3 LC-PUFAs

  • Importance of gut health

Industry Review: Marine shrimp in Asia
  • Production trends in 2015
    Lower production volumes led by low prices delaying stocking, adverse weather, poor post larvae quality and disease outbreaks. By Zuridah Merican

  • CFSE 2015
    Marketing into and from China

  • Aquaculture, Nature and Society
    Developments in Europe's aquaculture at AE 2015

Company News
  • MSc in Aquatic Health in Asia/Sustainable feeds in Australia

  • Specialty additives at FENACAM/Eco-trap waste solids removal system

  • Replacing part of fish meal

  • Innovation & Urgency in China

  • SFT diplomas to 17 feed technologists

  • Growth and Innovation

  • Appointments

  • Asia Pacific Aquaculture 2016, April 26-29, Surabaya, Indonesia

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