Volume 14, Number 1 January/February 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056
  • From the editor
    The year ahead – where are the weakest links and opportunities?

  • Philippines shrimp: A unified direction for production and growth
    Optimism to increase production at the 11th National Shrimp Congress 2017

Shrimp Culture
  • Living with the white spot virus in Negros
    Clean post larvae, biosecurity measures, optimal water quality, disease monitoring and carrying capacity at the Calumangan farm. By Zuridah Merican

  • A millennial’s view on shrimp disease management
    Vietnam’s ShrimpVet Lab aims to change the value chain from art to science. By Zuridah Merican

Industry Review
  • Marine shrimp in Asia: A round-up in 2017
    The industry moved at three speeds; the fast and furious, recovery and decline. By Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology
  • Promotion of novel ingredients as fish oil replacement:
    F3 contest and a Feed Innovation Network, by Kevin Fitzsimmons

  • Resources behind an environment-friendly and effective aquaculture feed
    OddGeir Oddsen shares the vision on innovative feeds using polychaetes

  • Fusarium mycotoxins: A main threat to Southeast Asian aquaculture
    Where we are today in understanding mycotoxins threat to production. By Rui Goncalves

  • Functional hydrolysates: Sustainable ingredients to support development of the next generation of aquafeeds
    Performances for different targeted benefits for shrimp and marine fish. By Paul Seguin, Mikael Herault, Kyeong-Jun Lee and Tanatchaporn Utairungsee

  • Nutritional value of aquafeeds in intensive aquaculture
    At the 23rd DSM Aquaculture Conference, increasing farm productivity and reducing environmental effects of intensive land-based aquaculture

  • Applications of a single cell protein in the culture of whiteleg shrimp
    A total fish meal replacement showed improved growth and survival of shrimp at low inclusion levels. By Allan LeBlanc and Josh Silverman

  • Choosing the right phosphorus source for shrimp
    Economic and environmental advantages with highly digestible feed phosphates. By Sjo Zwart and Emilie Willems

  • Voluntary certification and marketing the pangasius
    Certification coupled with communication brings the desired results in marketing pangasius.

Show reviews
  • Aquaculture Europe 2017

  • Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show 2017

  • E-commerce in aquaculture products & farmed seafood
    This is the new route to market and is fast developing. By Norlyana Mohamad Termidzi

Company News & Events
  • New larval shrimp feed line

  • Artemia Nauplii Center in India

  • New production facility in China/ Inauguration of Qingdao factory

  • New advanced formula shrimp feed

  • Opening of first factory in Asia

  • Acquisition of feed probiotics company/R&D investment in shrimp market

  • Appointments

  • Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2018

  • Offshore Mariculture Asia 2018

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