Volume 9, Number 2 March/April 2013 MICA (P) 008/10/2012 ISBN 1793 -0561
  • From the editor
    EMS-growing pains in shrimp farming

  • Self-regulation against EMS
    Thai shrimp industry come together in Suratthani

Shrimp Culture
  • Successful production in semibiofloc in Indonesia
    The Aquaculture Experience Farm's hybrid system gave an average output of 20 tonnes/ha. By Agus Saiful Huda, Junaedi Ispinanto,Fauzan Bahri and Olivier Decamp.

  • Out of season shrimp
    Perspectives on vannamei shrimp farming in North Vietnam. By Zuridah Merican

Fish Culture
  • An effective nutritional way to reduce skin parasites in amberjack and yellowtail
    Serge Corneillie, Kei Nakayama and Midori Funaki show the effects of a feed additive.

Feed Technology
  • Extrusion of fresh water fish feeds
    Joe Kearns shows that this starts with species specific formulations and ends with dryers for precise final product specifications.

  • Formula optimisation
    Formulation software with a new tool optimises new ingredients and additives. By Bruno Duranthon and Stephane Ralite

  • 2013 Global Feed Survey
    Survey says that Asian production grew by 13% within a year

Industry Review
  • Tilapia in Asia: more production in 2012
    Product repositioning is required as it morphs from a food crop for the masses to that tailored for retail markets.

  • Tilapia in North Vietnam
    In the Red River Delta of North Vietnam, the main farming system is polyculture with carps.

  • Marketing the 'Taiwan tilapia'
    Peter Chiang describes the image building and branding for a fish treasured by industry.

Health Management
  • Herbal therapy in fish farming
    A long road but will lead to safer products and more sustainable aquaculture

  • Therapeutic alternatives in aquaculture: Phytotherapy, ethnobotany and fish pathology
    Valorisation herbal therapy in fish health management in Indonesia by Domenico Caruso, Angela Maria Lusiastuti, Taukhid, Lili Sholisha, Jacques Slembrouck and Marc Legendre

  • The Nemo Project: four years on
    Investigating the capabilities of beta-1,3/1,6-glucan and its application in aquaculture.

  • Korean aquaculture
    Four decades of expansion, intensification and diversification, by Jeong-Yeol Lee developments.

  • Better market access for Bangladesh shrimp
    A workshop on EU and US standards for aquatic products.

  • Rebuilding the industry in Indonesia
    Iwan Sutanto on market challenges and increasing domestic consumption

Company News
  • Purified enzyme against fumonisins & Book review

  • Vision for Thai marine aquaculture

  • Taiwan/India technology transfer & building an aqua health leader

  • JV in shrimp farming in Thailand & Brazil as next seafood powerhouse

  • Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2013,Vietnam

  • 4th Aquatech Aquaculture, Philippines

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