Volume 11, Number 2 March/April 2015 MCI (P) 014/10/2014 ISBN 1793 -056
  • From the editor
    Change and Continuity

  • Fish health/new AP4 to detect AHPND bacteria

Shrimp Culture
  • Super intensive shrimp farming in West Sulawesi
    How far can we go with stocking density in intensive vannamei shrimp culture? By Poh Yong Thong

  • In the Philippines, linking WSSV outbreaks and fish kills to typhoons
    Chris Mitchum Ganancial describes tracking low pressure in project NOAH to avoid or even pre-empt WSSV

Nursery Technology
  • Nursery phase in shrimp farming: Benefits beyond EMS
    Fernando Garcia Abad looks at design of nursery systems and transfer techniques to maintain health of post larvae

Feed Technology
  • Supplemental diets in juvenile production of Nile tilapia
    By Santiago Benites de Padua, Roney Nogueira de Menezes Filho, Mauricio Laterça Martins and Mariana Midori Nagata

  • Yeast parietal fractions enhance the immune response of shrimp towards AHPND infections
    By Dang Thi Hoang Oanh and Philippe Tacon

Disease and Biotechnology
  • Fish health management challenges in marine fish aquaculture in Southeast Asia
    Leong Tak Seng discusses disease threats in cage farming, in particular bacterial pathogens.

  • Recent advances in the understanding and mitigation of EMS/AHPND
    Multidisciplinary research sheds more light on the characterisation, detection and mitigation of the disease. By Wing-Keong Ng

Industry Review-Tilapia
  • Trending the tilapia in India
    Farming is beginning with support of local governments. By B. Laxmappa and P.Suresh

  • Tilapia farming and trade in Bangladesh
    Fatima Ferdouse says the country has a potential to develop sustainable production

  • Streptococcosis in cultured red tilapia in Malaysia
    Epidemiology will help in its future control and prevention, says Mohamad Noor Amal Azmai

  • Ways to sustainable aquaculture
    Co-development in ASEAN at the sustainable aquaculture workshop in Taiwan, by Zuridah Merican Part 2: Institutional and R&D support

Company News
  • Aquaculture bioremediation

  • Strategic alliance on crustacean and fish nutrition

  • A sustainable future for krill

  • Next generation pumps and products for RAS

  • In Vietnam-new aquaculture research centre and GMP certification

  • Quorum Sensing to select feed additive ingredients

  • World Aquaculture 2015

  • 6th AQUATECH 2015

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