Volume 13, Number 2 March/April 2017 MCI (P) 013/10/2016 ISBN 1793 -056
  • From the editor
    Sustainability - an Asian perspective

  • AFFIA/ EURASTIP/Fish free feed challenge

  • Spotlight on pangasius in Vietnam

Shrimp Culture
  • Raising the bar in Malaysia
    IETS in farm and hatchery for a sustainability ticket. By Zuridah Merican

Industry Review
  • Perspectives on mariculture in India
    A slow start but a big leap for the future with progress in hatchery seed production. By Sekar Megarajan, Ritesh Ranjan, Biji Xavier, Muktha Menon, Loveson L Edward, Narasimhulu Sadhu and Shubhadeep Ghosh

Breeding & Hatchery
  • Is 100% replacement of Artemia possible?
    Part 1: Artemia supply is a potential bottleneck to aquaculture's growth, By Craig Browdy, Peter Van Wyk, Chris Stock, Diego Flores and Ramir Lee

  • All-female culture – a novel strategy in crustacean aquaculture
    All-female intensive crustacean culture - a new strategy that improves growth performance and uniformity. By Assaf Shechter

Feed Technology
  • The science of feeding a growing world population
    Creating effective feed protein by cultivating best possible polychaetes. By OddGeir Oddsen

  • Of passion, innovation and knowledge transfer
    Cargill Aqua Nutrition's Einar Wathne explains how he intends to steer the new group into Asia’s aqua feed industry.

  • 2017 Global Feed Survey
    Feed tonnage exceeded 1 billion tonnes with more aqua feed following the upward trend in fish consumption.

  • Penaeid shrimp feed ingredients vs nutrients and performance
    Shrimp feed formulation is still dependent on earlier research in clear water systems. By Martha Gabriela Gaxiola Cortés and Gerard Cuzon

  • Replacement of monocalcium phosphate with neutral phytase
    Effects of partial replacement on growth and phosphorus utilisation in tilapia. By Shude Xu, Yubiao Lu, Qifeng Tang, Yangyuan Li and Qinghui Ai.

  • Bio-processed protein concentrate as replacement for fish meal in shrimp farming
    Hyeonho Yun, Kyung-Hoon Chang and Seong-Jun Cho conducted trials in ponds in Situbondo and Banyuwangi, Indonesia.

Freshwater Fish
  • The vaccine focus on fish health
    Vaccination of fish ensures sustainable and profitable aquaculture, say Maja Bævre-Jensen, Pham-Cong Thanh, Torill Widerøe and Are Klevan

  • Farming murrels in India
    There is a high demand in live fish markets but dependence on wild juveniles limits commercial farming. By B. Laxmappa, B. Sreenivas Reddy, Ravinder Rao Bhakshi and M. Gunakar

Company News & Events
  • Smart solutions for farming shrimp in Vietnam

  • New milestone in sustainable program/IFFO RS Standard in 2016

  • JV for industrial insect production/ variable speed pumps

  • New production line for Chinese JV/ new website

  • New omega-3-rich canola/mycotoxin risk management

  • The Pearse Lyons Accelerator

  • Research, alliances and solutions/ Appointments

  • Acquisition of tilapia breeding company

  • Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 2017 Shrimp Pathology Short Course

  • Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo 2017, Fuzhou City, China

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