Volume 12, Number 3 May/June 2016 MCI (P) 037/10/2015 ISBN 1793 -056
  • Environment, sustainability, governments & us
  • APA 2016: the realm of aquaculture in Indonesia

Shrimp Culture
  • Broodstock multiplication in Visakhapatnam
    Home-grown SPF vannamei shrimp broodstock for smaller hatcheries in India. By Zuridah Merican

  • Commercialising the daily supply of live to hatcheries
    Live nauplii production in Phang-nga and ‘shop on wheels’ for the hatchery industry

  • Vibrio in shrimp gut: challenge and control strategy
    Is Vibrio spp killing your shrimp? Anwar Hasan discusses this

  • Microbial management at farm level
    A sharing of recent developments in pond and feed probiotics

  • 24 Preparing for the next generation in shrimp farming
    A new book - Progress of Shrimp and Prawn Aquaculture in the World

Hatchery & Nursery
  • Shrimp nursery technology: System design and management for cost-effective results
    Part 2. Water quality, biofloc technology, feeds and feed management. By Craig Browdy, Peter Van Wyk, Chris Stock, Thomas R. Zeigler and Ramir Lee

Industry Review - Aqua Feeds in Asia
  • Continuing tough times
    In 2015, aqua feed production was below rated capacity in most countries, says Zuridah Merican.

  • A new feed R&D centre using RAS technology
    Towards better performing feeds in India

  • A solution for dietary methionine for shrimp
    Interview with Evonik’s Nicholas Guthier on the new dipeptide/amino acid product

  • China’s aqua feed industry in 2016: Upgrade to survive
    Competition will be even tougher with companies already reducing feed prices, say Ju Peng, Zhang Jinxuan, Dong Qiufen and Zhang Song

Feed Technology
  • A new and unique tool for shrimp feed producers
    New processing aid and binder optimise water stability and stable operating conditions. By Kristin Weel Sundby

  • Pure coincidence or true treatment effect?
    Statistics will guide us on how to judge differences and in interpreting results. By Delphine Weissman

  • Selective antibacterial action of a specific composition of short- and medium-chain 1-monoglycerides
    Manuela Parini, Yu Yu, Alessio Paoli and Rahul Gaddipati say these include preventing EMS

  • Innovating for alternatives to marine proteins at Aquaculture 2016

  • Transforming aquaculture in China
    An inevitable choice for future development, says Cui He

Company News
  • Launch of ‘care for growth’

  • An ethoxyquin-free site/ increase in aqua footprint

  • An international showcase for Asia

  • Marine algae to reduce antibiotics in farming/pelleting aid in Asia

  • Acquisition/appointments

  • International recognition for brackishwater tilapia development in Aceh

  • TARS 2016: Shrimp Aquaculture & The New Normal, Phuket, Thailand

  • IFS2016, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

  • Practical short course on extruded pet foods and treats

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