Volume 13, Number 4 July/August 2017 MCI (P) 013/10/2016 ISBN 1793 -056
  • From the editor
    China - the new premium market

  • High volume export focus/TiLV alert

Shrimp Culture
  • Managing hepatopancreatic microsporidiosis and white spot disease in the Philippines
    Maria Abegail G. Apostol- Albaladejo and Roselyn D. Usero discuss government-private sector partnership

  • Producing post larvae for low saline shrimp culture in India
    High survival rates during acclimation achievable after PL15, say Menaga Meenakshisundaram and S. Felix

  • Zero water exchange superintensive indoor shrimp production
    Manuel Poulain details the collaboration at Viet-UC, Vietnam

Sustainable and Responsible Aquaculture
  • At the heart of sustainable food from aquaculture
    An interview with Malcolm Pye, CEO Benchmark Group. By Zuridah Merican

Industry Review - Tilapia in Asia
  • China and Southeast Asian tilapia in 2016
    Kevin Fitzsimmons says the shift is to value-added tilapia products for local markets in China and replacing the pangasius in Vietnam

  • Tilapia, a fish able to meet the challenges of the future
    Spotlight on tilapia from the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa as well as current and future challenges, by Eric Roderick

  • Increasing the salt tolerance of Mozambique tilapia

Feed Technology
  • Enhancement of production performance and fish quality of red drum
    Alexandre Bédier, Vincent Bernier, Jérémie Chanut, Emmanuel Tessier and Piet Verstraete show the optimal DP:DE

  • A phytogenic to improve resistance of aquatic farmed species against pathogenic agents
    Stephane Frouel, Clarisse Techer and Frederic Jozwiak describe a promising prophylactic or therapeutic application

  • Dry fish soluble: a smart solution for shrimp diets
    An innovative ingredient for better feed performance, say Philippe Sourd and Vincent Fournier

  • Revisiting shrimp nutrition: Organic selenium (hydroxyselenomethionine)
    A small and rewarding investment to improve stress resistance and maintain high levels of performance even in challenging conditions. By Martin Guerin

  • Aflatoxin: A serious immunosuppressant in aquaculture
    Sensitivity to AFB1 leads to biochemical changes and liver damage in the tra catfish. By Anwar Hasan and Rui A. Gonçalves

  • Natural remedies against vibriosis in shrimp culture
    A phytobiotic reduced Vibrio counts in intestine and hepatopancreas. By Niti Chuchird, Arunothai Keetanon, Cristina García-Diez, Álvaro Rodríguez Sánchez-Arévalo and Antonio Martínez

  • Improved performance of tilapia fed commercially extruded diets supplemented with a protease complex
    Results from a full cycle cage trial in Thailand. By Saharat Kuakji, Orapint Jintasataporn, Supornchai Sri-Nhonghang and M. A. Kabir Chowdhury

Show Review
  • Trade at APA 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Sharing insights on feed additives

Company News & Events
  • New Asia Pacific regional hub

  • International seminar on health and nutrition

  • New aqua feed line in Vietnam

  • Shrimp feed producer acquired/Site for omega-3 oil production

  • Transparency of aquaculture sources

  • AE2017 Plenary speakers

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