Volume 13, Number 5 September/October 2017 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056
  • From the editor
    Asian Financial Crisis and Finfish Aquaculture

  • State of the finfish aquaculture industry in Asia

Shrimp Culture
  • In India, are we farming shrimp the right way?
    Manoj M Sharma questions if farming practices are keeping up with intensification, from pond carrying capacity to waste discharge?

Freshwater Prawn Culture
  • A young aquaculture entrepreneur in the making
    Giva Kuppasamy is changing the industry in Malaysia with production of all-male giant freshwater prawn post larvae. By Zuridah Merican

Finfish Aquaculture
  • TARS 2017: Finfish Aquaculture - Strategies for Growth

  • Hard Talk with Finfish Farmers
    Three farmers openly share their business experiences and identify the weakest links in their supply chain.

Finfish Aquaculture - Part 1: Industry challenges
  • Growing Indonesia’s finfish industry

  • Challenges in China’s finfish farming

  • A challenging marine finfish farming business in Malaysia

  • Strategies with competition in the Mediterranean

  • Moving up the whitefish ladder

Feed Technology
  • Measuring performance in formulation
    David Serene describes a tool to measure feed performance and evaluate formulation process improvement.

  • Proactive feeding for shrimp broodstock and larvae
    Functional ingredients enhance shrimp immunity with better survival rates, say Aedrian Ortiz Johnson and Eamonn O’Brien

  • Mycotoxin detoxification: Science vs Marketing
    The challenge for a mycotoxin detoxifying agent is to reduce the intestinal absorption of mycotoxins. By Maarten Jay van Schoonhoven and Marie Gallissot

  • Optimising productivity of copepod cultures as live feed
    Live phytoplankton, enhanced with probiotics, substantially increased density per biomass. By Aurore Trottet, Rémi Maguet, Mathilde Richer de Forges and Guillaume Drillet

Disease Management
  • Farming the barramundi alongside pathogens
    Alain Michel recounts learning the hard way at an integrated farm in Indonesia.

  • Leong Tak Seng describes symptom on several species of snappers in 2016.

  • China's agenda in aquaculture
    Stakeholders show the way forward with green technology, sustainability, aquaculture transformation and efficiency.

Show Review
  • Spotlight on Africa
    At World Aquaculture 2017, new frontiers for economic growth. By Eric Roderick

Company News & Events
  • Growing with customers in Africa

  • Larger presence for aqua feed market leader in Africa

  • Supporting Vietnam's aquaculture growth

  • Adding value to African aquaculture/ Optimum dryer performance

  • Support with talk on fish parasites/ Australian-focused website

  • Launch of CJ Selecta

  • APA17 - Connecting aquaculture in Asia

  • Release of enhanced feed probiotic for shrimp farming

  • 11th National Shrimp Congress

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