Issue (Nov/Dec 2004)
From the Editor : Welcome to your new magazine
  • Good prospects for climbing perch (Anabas sp)
    As fish grow well on cheaper low protein feeds rather than on special feeds with 37% protein, a review of feed standards is required, according to Thomas Wilson.

Focus : Fish Health
  • Koi Herpes Virus is reviewed by Melba B Reantaso and Rohana Subasinghe .

Understanding vaccination
  • Through still a new concept in Asia, fish vaccination can be a key tool in the fight against bacterial and viral diseases. Cedric Komar and collegues explain the various methods of vaccine application and their advantages.

New Developments : Tuna aquaculture around the world.
  • More prospects for farmed tuna with advancements in farm management and the closing of the breeding cycle. By Paula Sylvia.

Hatchery : Marine fresh diets to replace live feeds.
  • Trials by Patricio Rafael and colleagues can help the hatchery manager to lower costs of feeding larval shrimp.

Feed Technology: Shrimp feed by Extrusion Cooking
  • Joseph P Kearns explains that with changes in feeding methods and feed formulation for shrimp, continuous adjustments in feed density is required.

Show Reports
  • At Marine Aquaculture Conference 2004 : A call for the region's aquaculture industry to use Singapore as a platform to develop their new business.

  • Australasian Aqualculture 2004 and Trade Show : Developments in Australia in abalone breeding, recirculating technology and marine finfish farming attracted Asian participants.

  • Shrimp antidumping tariffs known but uncertainty persists; Exports to the US & farming activity in named countries down and shrimp prices fluctuate. By Zuridah Merican

  • Vision 2008 : Bangladesh's BFFEA wants to increase shrimp production to 250,000 tones.

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