Volume 5, Number 6 November/December 2009 MICA (P) 028/10/2009 ISBN 1793-0561

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  • From the editor
    Review 2009 – Were we relatively unscathed?

  • News
    A successful Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • News in brief

Shrimp Hatchery
  • Creating value for vannamei shrimp in Asia
    The selective breeding program of Global Gen in Lombok integrates genetics with environment. By Zuridah Merican
Feed Technology
  • Optimizing the application of a novel feed additive in Pangasius catfish farming
    Alexander van Halteren, Vo van Phong, Nguyen Van Lam, Huyen Dieu Nguyen and Peter Coutteau show how a digestibility enhancing additive in the feed improves utilisation and fillet yield.

  • Breakthrough in extruded shrimp feeds
    The production of smaller diameter feeds with heavier densities at higher capacities.

  • Marine fish aquaculture in Southeast Asia
    The role of ASA-IM in South East Asia is not only through aqua feed but also by improving conditions of culture by Lukas Manomaitis

Health Management
  • Streptococcal diseases in farmed tilapia
    The dominant pathogen of tilapia has two distinct Biotypes and vaccination trials indicate that immunity is Biotype-specific. By Brian Sheehan, Lauke Labrie, Yeng-Sheng Lee, Wee Keng Lim, Felicia Wong, Jasmine Chan, Cedric Komar, Neil Wendover and Luc Grisez

  • Diseases in catfish farming in India
    The culture of sutchi catfish is plagued by severe disease problems and raises the question of food safety and sustainability. By A.K.Singh, K Phani Prakash and W.S.Lakra

Culture Technology
  • Nitrifiers and denitrifiers - Myths and Facts
    Recent research also shows that a newly discovered group of single-celled microorganisms that are not bacteria are important nitrifiers. By David J.W. Moriarty

  • Consumer behaviour in purchasing Pangasius catfish in Spain
    José Fernández Polanco, Ladislao Luna and José Luis Fernández show that Spanish consumers do not have a good knowledge of the product and its origin.

  • Barramundi in Vietnam
    LiG Products, Vietnam started with the development of the Asian sea bass brood stock and hatchery production and began exporting fish to the US by 2007.

  • Fish supply in the Arab States
    The first of a two part series on the development of fisheries and aquaculture in the Arab World. By Izzat H. Feidi

Company/Products News
  • Cargill/ Skretting/Addcon

  • Dream team in Malaysia

  • The Inve Group is set for growth in China and expands R & D

  • At WA 2009, Veracruz, Mexico/Ocialis

Forthcoming Events
  • In 2010, Australasian Aquaculture, Aquaculture Europe, Victam Asia and Aquafeed Horizons

  • Listing of events in 2010

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