Volume 10, Number 6 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 MCI (P) 014/10/2014 ISBN 1793 -0561
  • From the editor
    The year in review – 2014

  • Expanding Indonesia's aqua business/awards at AE 2014

Shrimp Culture
  • Learning more about EMS and its mitigation
    New leads and working together are crucial for industry to sustain production

  • Biosecurity in aquaculture: Part II: National considerations
    Leonardo Galli, Don Griffiths, Pikul Jiravanichpaisal, Nattawadee Wattanapongchart, Oranun Wongsrirattanakul, Wimonthip Jarupheng and Andy Shinn share steps to establishing biosecurity at the national level

Culture Technology
  • Some reasons why Indonesia is free from EMS
    In this opinion article, Poh Yong Thong compares some practices in pond cleaning

  • Biofloc technology in shrimp aquaculture
    A discussion on its role in sustainable aquaculture at WA 2014. By Nyan Taw

Feed Technology
  • Fish meal replacement in diets with functional hydrolysates for olive flounder
    Sanaz Khosravi, Mikael Herault, Vincent Fournier and Kyeong-Jun Lee say that functional hydrolysates offset adverse effects on technical and immune performances

  • Protein sparing in tilapia through digestive/metabolic enhancement
    Yu-Hung Lin and Allen Ming-Hsun Wu show an enhancement in nutrient utilisation with a feed additive

  • Options to pellet top-class shrimp feed
    These include adjustments to formulation, raw materials, conditioning and pelleting. By Ju Peng, Dong Qiufen, Zhang Song and Yang Yong

Freshwater aquaculture
  • Freshwater prawn farming in reservoirs Telangana, India
    B. Laxmappa looks at production trends

  • Passion to niche marketing the 'empurau'
    At LTT Aquaculture in Sarawak, Malaysia, sustainable production of this high value fish complete with selective breeding. By Zuridah Merican

  • Sustain:Ability in animal production
    At the aqua breakout sessions during World Nutrition Forum, experts discuss 'Is sustainability profitable?'

  • Moving aquaculture in Indonesia
    Developments and innovations at Indo Aqua 2014 conference and trade show

  • Entry into Asia for premium seafood producers
    Marketing at Seafood Expo Asia

Company News
  • A distribution partnership for shrimp larval diets/ New biotechnology R&D facility

  • Marine algae in animal production

  • Energy efficient low to medium head pumps

  • Appointments

  • Aquafeed Horizons 2015, Cologne, Germany

  • Aqua forum 2015, Jeju Island, Korea

  • Feeds and Pet Food Extrusion Practical Short Course

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