Volume 12, Number 6 November/December 2016 MCI (P) 013/10/2016 ISBN 1793 -056
  • From the editor
    2016 – A rather difficult year

  • Aquaculture industry engagement day 2016 in Singapore

In Brief
  • Marketing Taiwan’s farmed groupers

  • Precision feed for automated feeders using acoustics

Shrimp Culture
  • How does rainfall affect shrimp pond water parameters?
    Soraphat Panakorn and Erin Tan discuss direct and indirect effects & measures to overcome losses

TARS 2016: Shrimp Aquaculture & The New Normal: Part 2
  • Biosecurity, sanitary status and genetics

  • A new reality with nurseries

  • Addressing feed ingredient excellence for a stable industry

  • Nutrition & diseases

  • Towards a sustainable industry

Feed Technology
  • Study on the effects of dietary methionine + cysteine supplementation on the white shrimp under pond culture conditions
    This produced dietary levels for optimal weight gain. By Alexandros Samartzis, Nathan Felix, Karthik Masagounder and Girish Channarayapatna

  • The fish meal dilemma: Shrimp performance with plant-based protein diets
    Mycotoxin contamination, single and as well as co-contamination at various degrees can have negative effects on shrimp performance, by Anwar Hasan and Rui Goncalves

  • Copper-montmorillonite complex as preventive action through gut flora modulation
    A clay complex has protective intestinal action by lowering the pathogenic pressure in shrimp, say Maarten Jay van Schoonhoven, Marie Gallissot and Orapint Jintasataporn

Freshwater prawn culture
  • Freshwater prawn farming in Thailand: Striving for sustainability
    Despite increasing competition from white shrimp, Thailand’s freshwater prawn farming is still promising. By Krishna R. Salin and Inamul Hassan

  • Antidumping tariffs for Vietnam’s pangasius
    Vietnam’s exports to US are critically dependent on surrogate country and surrogate value experts, says Anh Quynh Nguyen

  • From pond to market: Quality shrimp for best prices: Part 1: At the pond side
    Herve Lucien Brun guides farmers on how to keep shrimp in the best condition during and post-harvest

Company News
  • Driving the protein economy at WNF2016

  • Global leader in phytogenics by 2020

  • Award for innovation in shrimp feed/Cross-licensing agreement

  • A new snakehead breeding project/New location in Vietnam

  • Start of production in Antwerp/Acquisition

  • Contribution to Aquaculture Chennai 2016

  • Protein for sustainable aqua feeds

  • Microalgae as new feed ingredient

  • AE 2016/Small revolution for marine fry and fingerlings

  • Spotlight on Africa at World Aquaculture 2017

  • Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion

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